How to stain a wooden deck

Step 5: Condition.

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How To Stain A Deck - Step 1 Inspect the Deck First, walk around your deck, looking for any imperfections such as: Broken screws Warped pieces of wood Broken pieces of wood Nails that are raised above the surface After you finish inspecting the deck, you may have to remove and replace any imperfections.

Allow your deck to thoroughly dry before you stain. Never use solid siding stain or paint on a deck. We are very happy with the results.

Transformation of a Year-Old Deck with Deck Defense Stain

Ready to restore it to its natural look? The main risk is the danger of frazzling the surface of the wood. You can expect 12 to 18 months of life before your deck will need to be brightened and recoated. To get the wood surface smooth again before you stain it, use a power sander to sand the planks. Old and new decks require the same sensitivities. This combination will get you through the work most quickly.

How to Refinish the Stain on Your Wood Deck

The time that it will take for the stain to dry will also depend on the temperature and humidity in your location. Get the type that can be attached to a four-foot extension pole. In the deck staining process, no step is skipped more than this one.

Where To Start? Step 4: Sand. They open up the surface of the wood to improve penetration, neutralize any stain strippers that were used, and restore the appearance of old, weathered wood to look like new again.

Most of the outside woodwork of the home was in need of painting or replacing. To be fair, wooden deck finishes have it pretty hard. Glance over the deck and see if there are any rough or coarse areas that need to be sanded. Always mop or brush in the direction of the grain. Step Remember I also monitor other deck finishing trials that have been going on for more than a decade to round out my recommendations. Fix any issues you find before you proceed with staining the deck.

Let the deck dry for a couple of warm days, then run your sander quickly over the surface to remove fuzz like you see here to the left. If you purge with the spray nozzle installed, a tiny bit of dirt can clog it.

Either way, this product is an opaque formulation and you can expect 3 years of decent appearance from this product before stripping and refinishing is required. With a scrub brush, cleaning the surface of the deck will be as fast as mopping your floor! A house my wife and I own and currently used as a rental house was in dire need of renovation.

And the deck stain you choose to put on your deck matters big-time, too. You can cut out notches in the cardboard so it will fit snugly around the rail posts. Exactly what we were looking for! Some stain manufacturers offer a free instructional video to help walk you through this entire process. Application With help from a family friend, the project was coordinated with the painting of the railings, bannister, step riser and underpinning.

To see how well different types of wood stains perform, check CR's wood stain ratings.

5 Expert Tips for Staining a Deck

Perma Chink Systems, Inc. We face the boards south and angled down, like a roof, to intensify the effects of the sun and weather for up to three years. There are, however, solid deck stains that will perform better. Our first step involved moving all the old boards and railings.

Any moisture on the surface even a little and Superdeck will peel. I built this foot long verandah in the mids, but after years of keeping it looking good using Sikkens DEK, the work proved too time consuming.

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I use the cardboard from the box the stain came in. Since this stuff is an oil, it soaks into the wood and protects it from weather and sun. The stain dries fast so have a wet rag handy to clean up spills. The upside was that it may well have been those nails that helped this deck survive the 30 years of its life!

For most products there are three crucial things to keep in mind: temperature, sunlight and application technique. It offered UV protecting pigments that protected it from the sun and was specifically formulated to protect against mold and mildew.

Step 3: Protect Exterior Walls.

There is no salvaging. However, with the right prep work, and following the right wood staining adviceyour deck will be protected and beautifully finished. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Prep the Surface. Walls were painted, some new fixtures installed and floors were sanded and refinished throughout the house.

Not even close.

How to Re-Stain a Deck to a Different Color

The stain will hold the splinters in place and fill in small cracks. CR digital members can read on for information on some of the best wood stains in our rankings listed here in alphabetical order, not in rank order. Taping off the house is always a best practice to avoid splatters on the siding.

Step 1: Sweep the Surface.

Affixed in place during the fall and winter, the deck boards were allowed to dry thoroughly before attempting to stain and finish the floor. Most composites are also made from post-consumer, recycled materials — another bonus. Nothing can be left loose.

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This is also the time to reset any nails or screws that stick out from the how to stain a wooden deck surface. The deck was built as an original feature of the house in and was much-used when my wife was raising her children there. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Step 2: Creating a Plan.

Step Five to re-stain a deck Select the new stain color and finish for your wetting thinset to remove. Back to list. Not all, but some.

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Com Copyright holder: PPG on. Need further assistance? Pressure washers can easily damage your deck if you let the tip come too close to the wood.

Synthetic brushes are ideal for working a water-based stain into the wood. Penetration and dry time is certainly slower in the cooler temperatures. Deck Defense No matter what size, shape, style or materials you use, Long Life Deck can double deck life without costing a whole lot more, either.

DECK STAIN: Why Most People Mess Up Their Deck Big-Time

Last modified on Thursday, 09 July Step 1: Take Your Time. Definitely needed this information now. Cabot Solid Color Oil Decking Stain The oil-based formulation of this product is a long-standing recommendation of mine, but tightening government regulations have restricted availability to the central states in the US.

I can provide pictures if needed. Some people get 5 or 6 years. On an older deck, dirt, graying from the sun, mildew, and old stains all need to be removed prior to staining. Once the stain is dry, you can put back your furniture and start entertaining. A new deck finish can simply peel off as these fuzzy fibers let go.

Unless the deck is entirely new, you'll need to clean the surface and allow a day to dry before staining. Stain needs time to absorb into the wood but dries.

Affixed in place during the fall and winter, the deck boards were allowed to dry thoroughly before attempting to stain and finish the floor. Sand off tough spots or small areas with a coarse stripping pad on a grinder or drill.

First Steps. When staining your deck, first make sure it is clean and dry.

Gasoline-powered versions speed up the work considerably because they deliver a greater volume of water at considerably higher pressures than electric models. Allow 2 to 4 hours for drying time. Application With help from a family friend, the project was coordinated with the painting of the railings, bannister, step riser and underpinning.

Using a dark colour as the first coat only followed by a lighter coat for the second and third coats solves this problem. Keep the wood wet until the finish is soft enough to be scrubbed off.

So stay away from the cheap stuff if you expect it to last. Love Your Deck is all about preventing your wasted efforts and wasted materials.

How to Re-Stain a Deck to a Different Color | Ready Seal

Check Out This Video Also, try to avoid staining your deck right before it rains. We agreed to wait until the following spring to tackle the deck and front porch needs. It is also very easy and safe to clean up.

How to Stain a Wood Deck

After the second coat, the product gives a nice even coverage with no splotches because it is water-based. Deck stain is something of a specialty of mine. Prev Next.

Step 6: Stain Deck With Paint Pad.

What kind of old finish are you dealing with? Start by connecting your garden hose to the pressure washer, turn on the water, then pull the trigger on the wand while the motor is not running and the spray nozzle temporarily removed. They work great and will remove most weathered stains in a single application.

Always test a small, hidden area, using the same number of coats you will be using on the deck and let it dry so that you can be sure to get the wood stain color you want. Low to average humidity promotes faster drying.

Step 4: Add Stain to Tray.

Clean the wood by applying a deck cleaner. Usf vs temple the years go by, your wooden deck can begin to show signs of aging and weathering from the elements. Tough, but not how to stain a wooden deck. Step Four to re-stain a deck Once the deck has dried, you may see more splinters and rough patches along the surface than before. Avoid creating pools of stain.

The wooden deck off the kitchen, however, needed a miracle. Step 1 - Cleaning the Deck.

How to Stain a Wood Deck. With help from a family friend, the project was coordinated with the painting of the railings, bannister, step riser and underpinning. It imparts an how to stain a wooden deck, weathered grey tone like barn board that never fades. Leave stain strippers on the surface long enough to break down old finishes before you rinse it off. Another issue is pressure-treated lumber.

Solid stain plugs up the wood pores, preventing a semitransparent or clear stain from soaking into the wood. The only difference might be if you have deep cracks caused by weather. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After more than 20 years of hard use, my good old Porter-Cable is still going strong.

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Your email address will not be published. High traffic areas of the stained deck show signs of being worn down. Share Your Staining Tips. This allows you to clean up any drips on the floor surface afterwards. Once begun, however, we were surprised at how easy the stain and finish could be applied.

The stain will dry too fast before the wood is able to absorb it. The front porch posts, gingerbread trimmings and door could all do with a fresh coat of paint. The closest rental shop to where I live is a 25 mile round trip. Regardless of how you apply your wood stain, keep a paint brush at hand.

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Most of the outside woodwork of the home was in need of painting or replacing. Q: When sanding a deck is a hand-held rectangular sander okay, or is it worth my time to rent a circular sander?

Project Spotlight. The information here also applies to most outdoor wood situations, including fences and gazebos. Join the Perma-Chink Family! PRO TIP: Back brushing your stain will help the stain soak into your deck boards, allowing better, long-lasting results. This is a relatively new product in my trial line up, but it looks the how to stain a wooden deck today as when I applied it to outdoor wood in May People and products you can trust.

Step 5: Attach Pole to Paint Pad.

Take your time and allow new, pressure treated-lumber to weather for a few months and dry out before staining it. If the deck gets wet due to any rain, wait another 48 hours to allow enough time for the water absorbed to dry.

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If there is a build up of old stains on the deck, then the job gets a little tougher, but not impossible. Use a paint pad to apply the stain in wide, even strokes on the deck. The most important step to staining is cleaning your deck.

Wash away the residue with a hose or pressure washer, using low to moderate pressure. Many Decks. As it penetrates the wood, it removes dirt, mildew, algae, mold, leaf marks, and other stains.

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Step 5: Stay Away from the Cheap Stuff. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to cover the deck below the rails as you work. Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. Spring finally arrived. If you do have to apply the stain in direct sunlight, be sure to put your second coat on within a few minutes or it will dry too fast. Q: How do you stain a deck that has already been stained? Painting came first as we believed it would be easier to accomplish while saving the deck for the last step.


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